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F.Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Concert Piece №1
Ilya Ioff (violin), Lidia Kovalenko (viola) Melodia 2023
S.Kuryokhin: Winter from The Four Seasons
Vera Chekanova (soprano) FancyMusic 2022
S.Akhunov. Passacaglia
Lidia Kovalenko (viola), Ilya Ioff (violin) FancyMusic 2020
N.Khrushscheva. Book of Sorrow and Joy
Book of Sorrow and Joy (fragment) FancyMusic 2020
F.Schubert. Sonata "ARPEGGIONE" (I mvt)
Version for Viola and Strings by I.Ioff, Lydia Kovalenko (viola), Northern Flowers 2015
M.Moussorgsky. With the Nurse (from “Nursery”)
Version for voice and string orchestra by I.Ioff. Vera Chekanova, soprano, Melodia 2016
M.Moussorgsky. Ballet of the Chicken in their Shells (Pictures at an Exhibition)
Version for string orchestra by I.Ioff. Melodia 2016