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5 february 2024 г.Далее
9 november 2023 г.Далее
2 november 2023 г.Далее
14 october 2023 г.Далее
"Inner Circle" the very new project is started
Chamber music performed by Divertissements members
3 october 2023 г.Далее
New album: Mendelssohn, Schumann, Wagner
Like the great German artist Albrecht Dürer’s famous woodcut with a fantastic and original rather than a bona fide image of a rhinoceros, our album offers an original approach to well-known and certainly recognizable works that now sound in a new, bright, and intriguing way.
10 september 2023 г.Далее
Interview by Ilya Ioff for ClassicalMusicNews.ru (Russian language)
16 december 2022 г.Далее
The Seasons by Segrey Kuryokhin on FancyMusic: Re:Seasons
What defines Russian music? There’s an element of madness in it. What’s the difference between Bach and Tchaikovsky? None whatsoever, just that Tchaikovsky has the right degree of madness in him to be regarded as a typical Russian classical composer. (c) Sergey Kuryokhin
3 september 2021 г.Далее
The winner of the "Pure Sound" award 2021
The project "White Balance" became the winner of the "Pure Sound" award 2021  
8 december 2020 г.Далее
"White Balance" in reviews
I haven't had such pleasure reading the word "manifesto" for a long time! This is how the format of the album of St. Petersburg and Moscow composers is defined — a collection of modern chamber music. The compositions were recorded for the first time, the album is a notable point in the life of contemporary art.