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VIVALDI – The FOUR SEASONS (Ilya Ioff, violin)

FUJIIE – The FOUR SEASONS (inspired by Li-Po’s poems):

The Chinese poet Li-Po wrote these poems in accordance with the Four Seasons:

A belle in a lovely kimono growing silkworms is gathering mulberry leaves. A local nobleman sees her and offers his love at once, but gets a soft polite decline. It is a spring song.

In midsummer, a girl comes to a lake to pick lotus flowers. Because of the crowd of idlers desirous to admire her beauty, there is no room on the lake shore. The beauty chooses not to wait until the moon appears, and returns to the palace in a boat. It is a summer song.

< … > A woman is looking at the moon, and hears the sounds of kinuta (blocks used to flatten cloth after washing in days of old) and of autumn wind. Everything reminds her husband who went to war. It is an autumn song.

In a cold winter evening, and all night long, a wife makes a kimono for her husband who went to war. She must be on time for the morning messenger to send it with him. When will her beloved husband put on the kimono? – this is how the woman sings her winter song.

The verses are in the folk style. The songs are very simple and short, however they have many moving little things. I did my best to make the music sound in the same spirit.

Keiko Fujiie, composer

KHRUSHCHEVA – SLOWLY AND INCORRECTLY (Nastasya Khrushcheva, piano)

Today, the poetics of the slow and incorrect are coming to supplant the concept of a perfect opus of music. Music about “how clever, complicated, and cultured I am,” is being replaced by music about “how little I know, how little I can do.”

The real thing is incorrect, unsuccessful, and awkward. I am for music that sings the imperfection of this world. I am for a hymn to all that does not lead to victory.

Because, as Venedict Yerofeyev said, everything in the world should happen slowly and incorrectly, so that man would be unable to grow proud, so that man would be sad and confused.

Nastasya Khrushcheva, composer

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